Energy Audit Services in Tualatin, OR


Energy consumption directly affects the environmental footprint and operational costs, Sarkinen Electrical provides indispensable energy audit services for Tualatin, OR. Our team of experts is dedicated to enhancing the energy efficiency of both residential dwellings and commercial facilities in Tualatin, OR. With our detailed energy audits, we not only assess your current energy utilization but also provide pragmatic solutions for improvement.

Expert Energy Audit Services in Tualatin, OR

Energy efficiency is more than a buzzword; it’s a practical pursuit of resource conservation and cost reduction. Sarkinen Electrical’s expert energy audit services in Tualatin, OR employ a systematic approach to analyze and optimize your property’s energy use.

Home Energy Audits for Tualatin Residents

A home is a significant energy consumer; thus, pinpointing inefficiencies can lead to profound savings and improved home comfort. Our Tualatin residential energy audits are a critical first step in this direction.

Comprehensive Home Energy Assessments in Tualatin, OR

Our residential energy assessments in Tualatin, OR, are all-encompassing, encompassing various aspects:

Insulation and Air Sealing in Tualatin, OR

We examine your Tualatin home’s insulation to ensure it maintains thermal integrity and check for air leaks which can lead to energy loss.

HVAC Systems in Tualatin, OR

Detailed examination of heating and cooling systems to verify they are operating efficiently and are properly sized for your Tualatin home.

Appliances and Electronics in Tualatin, OR

We assess the energy consumption of major appliances and electronic devices, identifying opportunities for savings, including potential upgrades to ENERGY STAR® rated products.

Lighting in Tualatin, OR

Analysis of current lighting fixtures and bulbs, providing recommendations for energy-efficient alternatives like LED lighting.

Commercial Energy Audits for Tualatin Businesses

The operational efficiency of Tualatin commercial spaces is inextricably linked to their energy consumption. Sarkinen Electrical in Tualatin, OR understands the unique energy challenges faced by businesses and offers tailored audits to address them.

Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings in Tualatin, OR

Our commercial energy audits in Tualatin, OR embrace a range of services:

Systematic Evaluations

We conduct a comprehensive review of key energy systems, including HVAC, lighting, and production equipment.

Usage Analysis

Detailed analysis of energy bills to track usage trends and identify anomalies.

Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)

Identification and implementation of ECMs, from simple behavior changes to retrofit projects, that can produce significant savings.

Sustainability Planning

Guidance on integrating sustainable practices into daily operations, potentially enhancing brand image and customer appeal.

Why Choose Our Energy Audit Services in Tualatin, OR

Selecting Sarkinen Electrical in Tualatin, OR for your energy audit means partnering with a team dedicated to delivering precise and actionable insights.

Leading Energy Audit Companies in Tualatin

Sarkinen Electrical distinguishes itself through:

Expert Knowledge

Our auditors bring specialized knowledge to every job, ensuring comprehensive evaluations and accurate findings.

Advanced Tools and Methods

Utilizing the latest technology, including infrared thermography and blower door tests, to diagnose problem areas.

Customized Reporting

Providing detailed reports that are easy to understand and translate into concrete steps for energy savings.

Tailored Energy Solutions for Your Tualatin Property

Sarkinen Electrical is committed to providing energy solutions that are not just effective but are customized to fit the unique energy profile and needs of your Tualatin property.

Personalized Tualatin Energy Efficiency Strategies

Our personalized approach involves:

Initial Consultations

We begin with a consultation to understand your specific concerns and energy goals.

Targeted Recommendations

Post-audit, we offer targeted recommendations, which may include quick wins like adjusting thermostat settings and long-term investments like installing renewable energy systems.

Implementation Support

Our team is ready to assist you in implementing the recommended energy-saving measures, ensuring seamless integration and continuity.

Your Local Energy Audit Experts in Tualatin

As local experts in Tualatin, Sarkinen Electrical offers unparalleled familiarity with regional energy challenges and solutions.

Committed to Tualatin's Energy Efficiency

Our commitment is reflected in our:

Local Expertise

A deep understanding of Tualatin’s climate, building codes, and utility incentives that can affect energy consumption and savings.

Community Focus

A commitment to enhancing community sustainability by helping our neighbors reduce energy use and environmental impact in Tualatin, OR.

Client Education

Empowering you with knowledge to make informed decisions about energy use and conservation.


An energy audit can identify ways to reduce energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills. Moreover, implementing energy-efficient measures can increase property value and potentially qualify for tax incentives or rebates.

The relevancy of audit results can depend on numerous factors, including changes to your property, its usage, or advancements in energy-efficient technology. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to consider updating your energy audit every 3-5 years or after significant property modifications.

Yes, our skilled team can perform many of the energy efficiency upgrades recommended in our audits. We also work with trusted partners for specialized tasks.

Preparation can include gathering past utility bills, making a list of any known issues such as drafty rooms or condensation, and thinking about future changes you plan for your property, such as additions or major appliance upgrades.

In Tualatin, OR, Sarkinen Electrical is your go-to source for expert energy audits that lead to tangible energy savings and efficiency gains. Reach out to schedule your energy audit and begin the journey toward a more cost-effective, energy-smart property today.

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